Advantages of Online Scratch Cards

Online scratch cards can only really be described by imagining a classic scratch card, combined with the buzz of spinning a slot machine. The cards are ultra-bright, with high-res graphics and cool animated features and audio. What’s guaranteed is that just like the real thing, you’ll be itching to start scratching and love the intrinsic surprise and fun of scratching away!

Online scratch card tips and strategies

Playing Pure Platinum Free Spins and winning scratch cards requires luck – with most games delivering ‘average’ payouts of 95-98% plus. Essentially – if you play enough scratch cards, you’ll strike regular wins. However, while there are not guaranteed ways to really boost your winning potential, there are several key tips to help you maximize your game-time, fun and keep you in the hunt for jackpot cards!
Use level stake card values for a set number of gaming sessions. Only review and increase your gaming stakes if your bank permits you to!
Never chase losses by playing with progressively bigger stakes you might not get lucky!
Split your scratch card gaming into several weekly sessions, boosting your chances of hitting a lucky run of cards.

Scratchie payouts?

Scratch card payouts can range from pennies to hundreds of thousands – depending on the games, win type and importantly – your coin number and wager level. Most online scratch cards payout in coin number, with many games featuring multi-coin cards. For example;
Game Super 7’s Scratch Card
Coin Number: 1-4
Jackpot with 4 coins = 1000 coins
Jackpot with 1 coin = 200 coins
As you can see in the example above, playing with more coins instantly boosts your payout potential However, the coin size is just as important, so the total scratchier payout will be a combination of, coin size x coin number x coin payout.

Advantages of online scratch cards?

Taking your scratch card gaming online has some serious advantages, just check them out below.
Play with your personal style, by using auto scratch to play hundreds of cards at once, or chill out and take your time to slow reveal the winning icons!
Play with very low or mega-high value cards, meaning everyone can play with a budget to suit their means
Enjoy more frequent new releases and cool new scratchie innovations
Play 24/7 whenever you have the urge for fun
Try out the latest cards 100% free, with no-deposit casino bonuses

Online Scratch Card Strategies

The concept of online scratch cards may seem a little crazy, but the world’s favorite instant win lotto games has found its way to the Internet. What’s more, you’d better believe us when we say these bad boys have the fun-packed potential to be better than the ‘real thing’! Check out the world of online scratchies gaming, and remember, if you strike a jackpot – we told you about them first!

Why magic of online scratch card gaming

When online scratch cards first started making the way into cyberspace, you could almost hear the laughs of ‘they just won’t be the same’. The fact is these concerns were 100% correct – because online scratchies are not the same – no, they’re so much more advanced and intrinsically rewarding that you’ll forget all about the classic cards in an instant! The online scratch experience is powered by cutting-edge gaming platforms that deliver super high-res digital cards, with sounds, digital coins and animated action within the cards themselves!
But the scratchie look and feel isn’t the only reason for giving them a try – there are countless other options that make these beauties a must plays for every gamer.
Games 24/7 wherever you have web access (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss!)
Enhanced multi-stake gaming means you can play with pennies or pro level wagers
Amazing themed cards and new game launches on a regular basis
Play with hundreds of cards and use auto-scratch to reveal all icons, instantly!

Scratch card strategies

Skill gaming is one place where online scratch cards and traditional scratchies are 100% the same – it’s impossible to beat the using skill! However, the web does make it easy to monitor your gaming and use some pro style gaming tactics.

  1. Game with a scratch card budget & set your credit card to never exceed the deposit limit
  2. Always game with a level money card value – don’t try and re-coup your losses!
  3. Play a pre-set number of cards per week/session
  4. Play lots of short scratch sessions, meaning you can always look forward to more fun.

Scratch card jackpots

Hitting the online scratch card jackpot can be immensely rewarding, especially if you’re gaming with high value cards. Most scratchier payouts in cyberspace are paid out in coin number, such as 100, 1000, and 5000. Naturally, this means payouts will vary greatly, depending on whether you’re using high value or low value cards.
Card value = £1, 5000 coin win = £5000
Card value = £10, 5000 coin win = £50,000.00
Average scratch card payouts fall in the 95-98% zone, delivering hours of fun and low level payouts for long-term gamers.