Pure Online Blackjack Power

Pure Online Blackjack Power

Online blackjack is one of the slickest games you can play in web casinos, offering the allure of classic casino gaming, featuring some of the most authentic games capes in existence. What’s more, while the typical online gamer may not have the blackjack power to play with professional skills like card counting – anyone can use some simple and effective strategies to feel and play more like a Vegas big shot! So, pull up a chair, dim the lights and settle down for a Vegas blackjack fantasy session – let’s hope you smash the dealer!

Blackjack basics

Most gamers know the blackjack basics – the concept of beating the hand of the dealer by crafting a hand up to 21 – but never over it, or you bust! With two cards dealt at the beginning of the round and the options to either stand with the combo or keep hitting for 1 more card until you’re ready to face the dealer – the fundamentals of the game are simple enough for everyone from novices upwards. The game’s given extra spice and payout potential thanks to splitting (creating 2 hands from a pair), double-down (double betting after analyzing the deal) and insurance (betting on the dealer hitting blackjack) betting options – all of which can pay dividends if you know what you’re doing at the blackjack table!

Basic blackjack strategy:

Fundamentally – you can play blackjack by simply aiming to hit your way to a high value hand, using nothing but simple luck, dare and instinct. However, you can quickly boost your results by playing the game with ‘basic strategy’ – a method which ensures you always make the preferable basic moves and bets. Blackjack strategy cards are freely available on the web to guide your game-play. Although it’s not a dealer smashing concept – it is significantly more powerful than simply playing with luck and instinct.

Using the double-down button

Most casino gamers love the idea of the blackjack double-down bet – the options which lets you increase your liability by 100%, after you’ve had the opportunity to study the dealer’s hand and you initial 2 card combo (you must hit once after clicking double)! What’s more, the double-down can be played with a very basic strategy by novice gamers – delivering fun, strategic satisfaction and potentially profitable blackjack sessions. Here’s how to use it:

Select the double when:

  • The casino face card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card hand = 10 or 11
  • The dealer’s face card is between 3 and 6 and your hand has an Ace and a number card

Hold your single bet if:

  • The house has a face-up 10 or a face

Casual Blackjack Counting Rules

Can casual blackjack gamers use card counting strategies to boost their chances in online casinos? It’s a frequently asked question and you’ll often get a range of conflicting advice! However, what’s for sure is that by using some basic strategic game-play, and combining it with some very simple card counting concepts – you can quickly go from novice to intermediate player.
If you’ve been playing blackjack with zero strategy – and the basic goal of simply ‘forming high scoring hands’, then it’s time to wake up and give yourself an instant boost in the blackjack stakes! Simply put – by using a blackjack strategy card, you can instantly start making more favorable betting and hand decisions. Basic blackjack strategy cards are widely available for free on the Internet, so you’ve got no excuse! However, while the application of simple blackjack logic will reduce the house advantage, it doesn’t have the power to really beat the house and reverse the edge. The good news is that its basic power can be significantly enhanced as you become more skilled.

Casual blackjack gamers can easily take the step from novice to intermediate blackjack gamer, by grasping the basics behind card counting – without the thousands of hours needed to hone pro level techniques:

Count casually

Just like real card counter, begin by studying the blackjack pack for ‘richness’ in terms of high cards (tens, jacks, queens, kings) and low cards (2 – 5). You need to look for an ‘edge’ to either the house or yourself; in a six deck blackjack game, the magic player-advantage is indicated when there are 6 more low:high cards on the table. Simply reverse the concept to locate a casino edge.

Once you can card count, the natural progression is to use the method in combination with your basic blackjack strategy. For example, check out the value of card counting when faced with a gamer 16 combination against the 10-up dealer card:

Basic blackjack strategy rules: Hit your 16 against the dealer’s 10 (to get 20 or 21, you need a 4 or 5 – a potentially risky chance!)

Casual counting rules: Study the blackjack environment for 6 or more lows:high. If the table is low rich, it’s advisable to stand.

So – any blackjack gamer can quickly start gaming with strategic power and gradually build their skill level on a regular basis.