Variations of Online Crap Games

Variations of Online Crap Games

Craps is a versatile game that has many different variations each with different rules and game odds and settings, so when you go to a casino and come across any of these games it is important to be absolutely sure you understand the rules.

The first of these variations is crapless craps or “bastard craps” as its popularly known , and just as the name implies you can’t lose on the come out Roll and if you were to through a standard craps instead of losing the number will become the point , natural 11s on the come-out roll will also become a point number and you can only win with a natural 7 on the come-out roll , and the only way the shooter can lose is to throw a 7 before the point , don’t pass and don’t come areas are absent from the table layout. Crapless craps is a simplified version 0of craps and is currently only available in Las Vegas at the stratosphere; the only disadvantage of this variation of poker is that the house edge is four times greater than in normal craps.

There is simplified craps in which the shooter wins when they throw a 2 ,3,4,10 ,12 and can only lose when throwing a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, this simplifies things for the players, the overall house advantage is relatively greater than the house advantage in bank craps.

Another craps variation is high point craps, were a throw of 11or12 is an automatic win and a come-out roll of 2or 3 is not considered and anything else besides these numbers is considered a point number, all the payoffs are 1:1, and the house edge is 2.35%.

New York craps is a craps variation with a completely different table layout and you will quickly notice the absence of the come/don’t come betting area, players bet on the numbers 4 ,5 ,6 ,8 ,9, and 10, the bets are placed at true odds and you pay a 5% commission to the house for each correct bet.

Private craps is an illegal craps variation you won’t find in any casino mainly because there are no permanent rules, it a game were the shooter stakes the game by throwing money into the center of the playing area the players cover all or part of the shooters stakes, if the shooter wins he takes it all and if he loses the player get their stakes back and an equal share of the shooters stake.

Open craps is also an illegal version of craps, this is a game for people with big pockets, as it is a high stakes game were the stakes often exceed the house limits of most casinos open craps is privately stacked and the bets are made in cash. Open craps has a modified table layout which includes a wine line, lose line and box numbers. Players bet on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 and they can make these with the book or they can make side bets with other players.

Make Yourself a Craps Legend!

Craps is a resurgent force in the casino industry – and gamers have been increasingly alerted to the cool odds and bets it offers. In Vegas, craps has always been considered a gem of a game, but until now it’s played second fiddle to games like roulette, blackjack and video poker. However, the numbers of players enjoy craps has increased by 50% in 2008 – so take a roll on the world famous tables and make yourself a craps legend!

Play craps – now!

Some gamers will tell you craps is only for experienced gamer, or people with hours to spend learning the games array of betting options. However, never let that put you off – because it’s a bit of a myth! While it’s true that craps has a huge range of bets – you only need to focus on the best one or two, to get gaming now! In addition, by using this gaming concept, you can ensure you play the bets that offer the coolest odds, like the Pass Line bet:

Pass the Line Wagering – the pass the line bet is easy, fast and fun (not to mention having good odds!). Top get going, simply place a bet on the table and click to begin the come out dice roll, culminating in a score that decides your fate in the round:

Dice scores:

  • 7 or 11 to instantly win
  • 2, 3 or 12 to hit craps (you lose!)
  • Any other score to form a ‘point’ – then keep rolling to hit the point again before getting a 7 (craps)

Quick craps gaming tips

  • Always use a gaming budget when playing craps – helping you prevent excessive losses during the poor session!
  • Do not try and recover any craps losses, unless using a proven craps system and strict stop-loss strategy!
  • Check the craps odds tables and focus on the wagers with the smallest casino edge
  • Craps can be played as a strategic game – so use low stake levels to experiment with systems. If you have success, slowly increase your wagers and try and grind out a long-term profit.

Craps fun – can you smash the record?

If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge, then try and replicate the world record craps sessions – as seen in Las Vegas! Vegas’ luckiest gamers have rolled over 100 bets without losing – so you could have your work cut out!