Famous Casino Games

Famous Casino Games


Backgammon games are the ones that are very popular and common among players and not only gamblers. There are different sites that host backgammon. Not all casinos host this game. But there are websites conducting scratchmania besides other casino games as well. Here you will find all the information about backgammon and its related reviews. We have shortlisted a few sites that can be trusted on playing backgammon. Not all sites should be trusted because there are many illegal unregistered sites too that host games to con people off their invested money. Sites that host this game does not have a high pay out as renowned casinos have but it’s decent enough to make a backgammon fan happy.

We have discussed all the rules of backgammon games here and how to play them. Though most of the players know about the game there are still people who are willing to learn this wonderful game. There are a lot of rules that needs to be learnt therefore we have categorized our sections depending on the rules you should learn first. Basic rules, Jacoby rule, doubling rule, Crawford rules are a few rules that you need to know in order to play backgammon well.

Online Bingo Games

Off late bingo has become very popular among gamblers all over the world. It is played almost in every casino besides games like blackjack, poker, roulette; keno etc. People have suddenly taken up the enthusiasm to be a good bingo player. We here will discuss everything about bingo including how to play the game, the rules that needs to be abided by, the variations of the game if any, casinos that host the game at its best, casinos that have high bingo payouts etc. Online bingo games are also hosted on separate casinos that are only meant for bingo games.

Bingo and its variations are practiced and played at all casinos nowadays. There are casinos that have excellent payout bonuses and promos related to bingo. Also some might not know but bingo gives out progressive jackpots in many casinos. Also, some casinos have separate practice rooms for bingos where players get to practice the game well before joining any tournament or casino. Free practice sessions are really important for all gamblers. Online bingo games are on its way to reach the peak of the gambling games and many consider it to be as famous as blackjack or Poker.

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is by far the most popular casino game to be ever played. It is one of those games that need tons of experience to be the best. Also blackjack is the kind of game to win you progressive jackpots. It is conducted in every casino; it’s almost impossible to find a casino that doesn’t host blackjack online. Blackjack players are found in millions. Everybody is considered to be equally good at this game. This game needs a lot of strategies and plans that should be executed at play. There are players with decades of experience under their belts and beating them or even giving them a run for their money will take a lot out of a young blackjack enthusiast.

We have for you all the details of blackjack online and how it should be played. We have divided our sections in a way that both rookies and experts will get quality information on the game. We also discuss blackjack strategies that are the most important part of the game. Reading the game well and reading your opponent better is what you need to calculate here. Blackjack has the highest payouts in terms of bonus offers in most of the casinos.

Online Craps

Craps is one of those dice games that can mark the epitome of excitement when played among fellow gamblers. The amazing concept of a casino gambling game with dice has made it to the internet level where online craps is practiced and played religiously at many casinos. Players play and win loads of bonus offers and lucky one’s win jackpots too. We have for you a section where you will find the best online casinos to play craps. These casinos have been reviewed and verified for your convenience. You can select the casinos here according to your needs after reading the reviews.

Here you will get information about online craps and how it is played. It’s not a difficult game to play. Basic idea of a dice is enough to begin with. We have also explained the possible variations of the game if any. Craps is bets played at casinos like Cherry Red or Rushmore. The bonus pay outs are more than decent. Besides, customer support is excellent at all these casinos and they will stand up to any problem of your until it gets solved. Craps is one of the best games to play for fun and entertainment under any circumstances and conditions.

Gin Rummy

A very exciting and a lovely game to play is gin rummy. Not many casinos host this game but if you search for you can find a handful of casinos may be. We are here to help you out to learn about this wonderful yet infamous game at casinos. We have an entire section devoted only to learn about the objectives and rules of the game. You can go through each and every point and even discuss it in a forum that might help you to fetch better information thereby interacting with several other enthusiasts all around. The main objective and aim of a player is to reach a score of 100 to win.

Gin Rummy is not a complicated game at all as one may think. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Playing this game online will have the computer as the dealer. Your aim as a player is to reach 100 points before your opponent. We assure you that this game will fetch you a fat bonus amount than any regular gambling game. The payout of this game is generally high due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of rummy players around. So if you handle the game well you might be lucky enough to back a big jackpot amount too.

Keno Online

Unlike the regular gambling games blackjack, poker, roulette etc. keno might not be as popular as they are. This is mainly because most people fail to understand the objective of the game and leave it at believing that it’s one of bingo’s derivatives. The two games are different in a lot of ways. We have taken up the task to ensure you with proper guidance and tools to learn and understand the game of keno. Online Keno games are not available at every casino but a few. Casinos that host this game have quite a few players turning up for it and winning a lot of money as well.

We have for you a list of those casinos that host keno at its best. If you take some time out in understanding the game well you will automatically find a lot of interest in it. Online keno games have various table offers; some tables pay extra while others don’t. You need to know your game really well to understand which table to play at. Keno is best played at casinos like Club USA, Casino Titan, Silver Oak, Win Palace and Slots Jungle etc. these casinos also give excellent bonus payouts too.

Online Poker

Poker is one of the most popular games played at a casino. Its popularity has extended to an extent where people are learning how to play poker professionally. Yes, there are professional poker players online who have a great deal of experience and are the best at it. Poker online is an addiction for all the gamblers and poker lovers. There are lots of casinos that host this game. We have for you a few of the best poker playing sites online shortlisted so that you can choose the one to play at according to your convenience. Poker also has huge bonus and jackpot offers for players and you can win up to millions of dollars of jackpots at this table game.

The casinos conducting poker online also conduct a lot of tournaments related to the game of poker. We will also have you know that all the variations of poker have equal amount of jackpot prizes in most of the casinos. The tournaments hosted by the casinos on a monthly or weekly basis give an extra opportunity to players to win a lot of cash. The popularity of poker is only to rise as young gamblers have taken up this game as a major pass time activity.

Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots are the ultimate objective of a gambler. Everybody gambles to win a jackpot sometime or the other despite knowing that it’s not something that you can win every day. Progressive jackpots are something people dreams of. The main problem lies in the fact that nobody knows which game has the highest jackpot offer. Therefore, we have listed for you a few of the most popular games played at casinos that have a very high jackpot range. All you have to do is ensure you win a game; your jackpot money is guaranteed. We have also enlisted a few of the best casinos around that will not cheat you off your jackpot money.

Places like Scotland jackpots will earn you what you call progressive jackpots. These online casinos are well reputed and are powered by renowned software firms like RTG or Playtech. Therefore, if you are playing at any of these casinos you can be sure of earning a lot of jackpots provided you are one of the bests around. We have all the details for you that you might need to know about jackpots and how the entire thing works. We also have reviews from players who have already won jackpots on these grounds.

Casino War

One of the variations of the regular card games Casino war has been invented recently. The game is developed based on the game of war for children. It’s not necessary to know the original version of the game to understand the card version. The game has been quite a hit after being introduced to casinos recently. Despite having to start the game with six decks of cards you do not need to get psyched about the fact that it’s too complicated or prolonged because it’s neither. Nor do you need a lot of players to play this game. Only a player and a dealer are sufficient to conduct the game.

We provide you with thorough details of Casino War and since it’s a new game on board we have discussed it in a larger scale. This will help you to understand the game better. We have added user reviews and casino reviews where the game is being played. There are trial versions of the game for players to try out the new concept of card game. Critics claim that the game needs a lot of development though, but the present invented version is enough to make an interesting impact on the regular gamblers who’re used to play games like poker.