Online Slots – Serious Fun & Serious Wins

Online Slots

When it comes to the ‘regular slot gamer’ – we’re talking about casino gamers who haven’t got really lucky and won over 10,000.00 or higher, including the massive million plus slot winners! We mean the gamers whose winnings are composed of anything from 1.00 coin cherries to small jackpots. The question most average slot gamers want to know is – what are your chances of beating the casino when you play slots on a frequent basis, and what value for money do online slot machines really offer?

Slots – true leisure game or serious gambling?

When you play online slot machines (or any other slot game for that matter) – you’re playing a game of chance, meaning the concept luck is with you on every spin. As a result, while some gamers build up high bankrolls and become hardcore, high stakes slot gamers, slots should always be viewed as a leisure game above all else. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t payout massive jackpots and chance people’s life in the same way that lotto’s can.

Average payout levels

The typical slot machines on the Internet has an average payout level in the region of 95-98.5%, meaning regular payouts with average luck – but in theory a battle to actually beat the casino in the long-term. However, the average payout level is quite a subjective factor, because the averages are comprised of bad luck, moderate luck and jackpot level luck. In essence – the machines do indeed payout something like 98 pence for every 1.00 wagered on slots, but the payouts are not really spread evenly among all slot players. So – you could be an unlucky gamer who gets less than 98% rewards, get moderate returns around this level, or go way, way beyond it and get rich beyond your wildest casino fantasies. The question is – can you help to boost you slot gaming fortunes? Many slot players claim that you can, by simply following a few simple guidelines.

Set a spin level –

Playing slot machines with level spin values is considered the most professional way to play the games. For example, you may decide to wager 2% of your bank per slot spin (such as 2.00 spins with a bankroll of 100.00). This helps you to avoid bad changes in fortune when you decide to ‘play big’ and then regret it!

Find your luck –

You need to find Lady Luck to get more slot gaming payouts – and for the typical gamers, the best way is to play on a regular basis, on a range of machines. The general laws of chance suggest that while you could hit the jackpot the very first time you play a slot machines – you’re more likely to find a balance of good and bad luck by playing a higher volume of gaming.

Set your budget –

Naturally, you can get both lucky and unlucky playing online slots, so budget accordingly with money that you are happy to wager in pursuit of fun. Spin with a low percentage of your bank to keep gaming all month long.

Value for money slot gaming?

Ultimately – slots can bring you potential jackpot riches, but you’re more likely to end-up in a fun battle with the casino to try and eek out some small profits, or simply keep gaming for hours. The good news is that slots are fundamentally about fun and relaxation – and any big wins are simply a massive fringe benefit that everyone has a small but real chance of enjoying. Slot machines need viewing like any form of entertainment – after all, you wouldn’t dream of needing monetary rewards from something like the cinema, a restaurant or socializing with friends! With endless enticing and interesting themes, interactive bonuses, cool realism and an innate satisfaction – playing slots can bring you hours of fun and chilled-out fun, on a reassuringly credit crunching budget.

Simple Online Slot Options

More than 100 slot games line up in some deluxe online casino lounges – enough to leave the most hardcore offline gamer jumping aboard the online gaming revolution. However, almost all slot games entail the same fundamental features – so check out how to maximize your enjoyment and jackpot chances.

Themes & slot style

The web really does offer more choice than world class land-based casino venues, with every conceivable slot machine at your fingertips – from classic fruit machines to deluxe video slots and million dollars plus progressive jackpot games. The choice of game doesn’t make a huge amount of difference to your chances of winning – which is why you should simply select the games that offer the biggest intrinsic fun, value for money and features that match your aspirations. For instance, you can pick a kitsch fruity that takes you down memory lane, a cutting-edge console style slot like Tomb Raider – or shoot for the ultimate mega win playing Major Millions.

Wilds and Scatters

Wilds and scatter icons are classic fruity symbols that have the power to complete winning combos and launch bonus spins, multipliers and special bonus features. However, the icons don’t require any special skill to take advantage of, randomly popping on to the reels. In addition, wilds and scatters activate automatically – so it’s impossible to miss out on them, and they always enhance your payout prospects.

Holds and Nudges

While wilds and scatter may be completely automatic, most holds and nudge features require player-intent to benefit from. Simply put – nudges move the reels up or down one or more-reel notch, while holds freeze a reel icon while your re-spin. There are different ways to approach nudge and holds – for example some gamers will only hold high level icons and jackpot chances, while other gamers will always hold at least one reel (and the same can be applied to slot nudging). Since slots are all about luck – there is no real science to holds and nudges, so either experiment or play with random slot luck!

Interactive bonuses

Many of the latest slot games contain bonus game triggers – launching the most interactive slot machine entertainment in existence. The graphical games enable slot players to click on certain icons with a ‘pick x from y’ format (such as opening 6 of 12 treasure chests). There’s no skill involved in the bonus games, but the chance to decide your slot payout and reward fate is intrinsically fun and adds to the feeling of skilled game-play.

Pay line activation and coin number

With many online slot machines offering multi-line gaming and multi-coin options – it’s vital to understand exactly what you bet can deliver in terms of win potential and pay out power. For example, if you only activate 3 of 10 pay lines – you potentially miss out on 70% of potential winning combinations. Equally, if you play with 1 coin on a 3-coin slot game, you’ll trigger lower maximum coin payouts. Simply put – make sure you activate the maximum coin and line number – even if it means playing with a lower coin value to keep your bet size within your spin budget.