Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

Why Play Video Poker?

When video poker was first launched in Las Vegas – gamers didn’t know quite what to make of it. However, once they got to grips with the concept of table gaming on a machine with the speed and simplicity of a slot game – they were soon flooding into the Neon City for a slice of the action! Of course, that was decades ago – and now video poker is having the same huge impact all over the globe – thanks to online video poker! Check out how to bring the authentic poker magic of Vegas – straight to your screen, with online video poker!

Why play video poker?

Exactly what is video poker? Well, it’s essentially a video interface containing simple play, hold and discard buttons, with a gaming engine that delivers classic poker cards on the screen. Using the buttons, gamers have to use skill, strategy and luck to form winning poker hands. Each video poker round usually has two section – the initial draw and the second phase where you hold/discard and replace the cards you don’t like – with fresh deals. The game has transformed the concept of table gaming, and totally revolutionized it for 21st century gamers – it’s fast, frantic, volatile and extremely rewarding in terms of playability. Of course, it can also be very profitable!

Video poker payout kudos

Video poker is a hot paying game, and on the progressive jackpot games – striking a Royal Flush can be worth thousands of coins – and that means hundreds of thousands when playing with pro level stakes! Fortunately, for those of us still awaiting that elusive Flush Jackpot, video poker starts paying out for Jacks or Better, and with payouts in the average 95-98% zone, it’s as fair a playing environment as you’ll find in casino land.

Strategic video poker power

Video poker can be a powerful strategic game when in the right hands – in fact some pro’s have gone as far as suggesting the game is probably the finest skill game available to web casino players. Essentially, strategic video poker systems instruct you how to hold and discard in a professional way, boosting you chances of hitting winning combinations. Be warned that video poker is a volatile game, so you need to develop the mental skill and bank management to roll straight through bad sessions – and suck up the cash during hot spells. With countless levels of video poker system complexity – anyone can start out with the basics and develop into a hardcore gamer!

How To Play Video Poker

Poker is a popular casino game that requires a lot skill, game play and strategy for a player to be good at it. Video poker is a variation of draw poker which is played on a machine similar to a slot machine. In video poker players discard or deal from cards that will be showing and in return they get a second deal, or stand with a pat hand. Video poker has taken the gambling world by storm and is become a favorite of many people all around the world; it is the most popular game for US players.

Video poker is quite different from table poker. Some of the more notable differences being

  1. The house in video poker is not represented by a dealer but rather the machine itself, and the video machine does not try to defeat you.
  2. Because you are playing against the machine you don’t have to worry about what the other players hand is.
  3. When you are playing video poker you can’t bluff like you would do when you are playing against other players.
  4. In video poker you are not at risk of being beaten by another player it’s just you and the machine.
  5. In video poker if you have a strong hand you win, unlike in table poker if you have a strong hand you could still go on to lose that game to a better hand.
  6. The decisions you make when playing video poker are different from those you make when playing table poker for example a good decision at video poker could be a bad decision at table poker and vice-versa.

Video poker was introduced into casinos in the 80s and it has grown over the years to become a prominent casino game all around the world. With video poker you play against the machine which is powered by powerful video technology and software to create the poker hands.

The game of video poker is based on five card stud poker, the game requires players to build the best hand they possibly make, the player is at first dealt five cards and has the option to either discard any or all of the cards, and if the player decides to discard the cards new cards are dealt to replace the discarded cards. In video poker the payouts are based on a scale, the video poker machines are available in various denominations to cater to everyone’s pockets.

Video Poker Strategy

Poker is a game of skill that has fascinated people for a long time mainly because it not a game of luck where you fate or destiny is determined by the roll of a dice, but it is a game that requires strategy and skill for you to have the advantage. Video poker is a poker variation that has taken the world by storm since its inception.

Video poker is very popular casino game because video poker returns over hundred percent when you play with the correct strategy, when playing video poker it’s always good to have a strategy and maintain it throughout the game because with video poker it only takes a few mistakes for you to completely lose the advantage that you have. In video poker it is also important to know that each game of video poker has its own individual strategy, for example you can’t employ the same strategy you used for deuces wild when you are playing jacks or better.

A video poker strategy card is the best way to learn a new game of poker or to play correct poker. A strategy card will be a card that shows you the correct method and strategy to play each hand you are dealt at the table this way you can improve your chances of winning tremendously if you only follow the cards advice and call the cards it says call, fold those it says fold, it will also show you which cards to keep in order to maintain the highest possible return in a game of poker.

If you are a novice to the game of video poker the best way to learn and improve on your strategy is at home on your own using video poker tutorial software that is readily available on the market for a very cheap price. This video poker tutorial software must be used together with a video poker strategy card; we recommend that you use Zamzow`s BDPWinpoker software plus the strategy card that is derived from Tomski`s VPSM Video Poker Strategy Master. Making use of this software will let improve your game play because it shows when you have made a mistake, and you can constantly check the strategy chart and find out the cause of your errors.

You can even take your strategy chart along with you to the casino if you are not yet too show about your gaming skills. Video poker strategy cards are a perfect aid to anyone trying to learn video poker and they have a proven success record.Online Video Poker